Next Generation Graphic Organizers for Social Studies, Science and the Technical Subjects Grades 9-12

This set of instructional tools takes the conversation concerning the value of the common instructional language and common instructional tools regarding Social Studies, Science, and the Technical Subjects and makes it actionable, measurable, observable, and replicable in every classroom. Powerful aides for strengthening individual teacher capacity, these instructional tools will influence the quality and depth of daily instruction by providing teachers with student-centered tools for facilitating instruction inextricably aligned with standards while simultaneously promoting procedural fluency and conceptual understanding of literacy skills to be assessed on the PARCC and SBAC tests.

Perfectly aligned with each standard in each grade, this set of graphic organizers reduce teacher planning time and provides a framework for gradually releasing students from total dependence upon the teacher toward navigating the challenges of guided, cooperative, and independent practice. This remarkable set of tools also aid the teacher in formatively assessing students throughout each lesson and provides the teacher with data necessary to make sound, real-time instructional decisions regarding re-teaching, small group instruction, summative assessments, homework, and individualized educational planning.

Price: $1,997.00


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