Next Generation Graphic Organizers and Instructional Snapshots for Teaching and Assessing the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (Reading) – Middle School

Powerful aides for fostering teacher capacity and the acquisition of new knowledge and skills among students, this collection of instructional tools will enhance the quality and depth of daily lessons by providing teachers with materials of instruction strategically aligned with standards to be assessed on the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR).

Perfectly aligned with each standard in each tested grade, this set of graphic organizers and instructional snapshots provide teachers with a micro-basic approach to addressing the complexity of each standard through attention to: (a) key terminology, (b) procedural fluency, and (c) foundational conceptual underpinnings. Exponentially reducing teacher planning time these tools make formative assessment, scaffolding, teacher modeling, guided, cooperative, and independent practice actionable and provide teachers with data necessary to make sound, real-time instructional decisions regarding re-teaching, small group instruction, summative assessments, homework, and individualized educational planning.

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Price: $3,997.00


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