Facilitator: Dr. Donyall Dickey, Chief Executive Officer of Educational Epiphany

Cost: $99 (one session) Once payment is finalized, a link will be sent to participants prior to event.

Attendees: This workshop is designed for PreK-12 leaders, teacher leaders, school-based administrators, central office personnel, parents, and others interested in literacy outcomes.

Description: The nationwide disruption to education caused by the pandemic has affected all students, creating gaps in access to core content instruction in ELA/literacy. In advance of the upcoming school year, district and school leaders must have a blueprint for making up for lost time and accelerating new learning. Donyall Dickey, Ed.D., national expert on literacy, leadership, and school  improvement will provide participants with a roadmap for developing an instruction-centered plan necessary to ensure that both students and staff rebound and thrive.

Date: Monday, July 20, 2020
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