The nation has, by and large, coalesced around a common and rigorous set of standards that, if implemented effectively, will place all students on a trajectory to graduate from high school, prepared for college, careers, and citizenship. As remarkable as the effort has been to this point, the true transformation will occur only when students, regardless of their zip code are presented with instruction inextricably aligned with the rigor of the standards in schools led by principals and taught by teachers with a profound understanding of the demands of the curriculum equipped with: aligned instructional materials with correlate formative and summative assessments; professional development with a departure from long-held notions about educator training and delivery models to ensure that the people who need expertise the most –the classroom teachers, get what they need to be highly effective, now.

Whether, you serve a district/state challenged to close the achievement gap, are presently experiencing a plateau of performance, or lead an exceptionally high performing district/state with pockets of underperformance, Educational Epiphany has resources and record to support your team to facilitate a smooth and informed transition throughout your system.