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Meeting the Demands of Writing in Texas

The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills set clear expectations for composition. As students transition to college and careers, they must have the ability to compose, revise and edit a variety of written texts with a clear, controlling thesis, coherent organization, sufficient development, and effective use of language and conventions. In fact, writing tasks will be […]

Unraveling the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Mathematics

The mathematics standards outline what students should know and be able to do; however, in order to promote significant student achievement, the complexity of the standards require that teachers have expert knowledge of the nuances of each standard and a new generation of instructional materials complete with common instructional language and tools for building conceptual […]

Unraveling the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

The Common Core Standards are the culmination of an extended effort to fulfill the charge issued by the states to develop and implement K-12 standards to ensure that all students are college and career ready by no later than the end of high school. This workshop will assist site-based (principals, department leaders, and teachers) leaders […]

Qualifying Texts to Meet the Demands of Complexity

The Common Core Standards place a strong emphasis on the role of text complexity in evaluating student readiness for college and careers. This workshop will build teacher capacity to use quantitative, qualitative, and reader & task considerations to qualify and select appropriate texts for daily instruction.

Restructuring the Special Education Department

Meeting the complex and unique needs of students with special needs is quite a task; yet it is entirely achievable. Effective support for this population of learners requires a coordinated effort on the part of a network of informed faculty and staff with specialized knowledge and skills. This impactful workshop will assist your administrative team […]

Restructuring the Student Services Department

Many students who attend our nation’s schools have complex social, emotional, and developmental needs. However, far too many schools have a reactionary approach to student services. This workshop will equip your school’s related service providers (e.g., guidance counselors, school psychologist, pupil personnel worker, social worker, special education department chair, attendance monitor, etc.,) with tools and […]

Diminishing the Impact of a Struggling Teachers on School Performance

No teacher wants to be unsuccessful in the classroom and school leaders can ill-afford to have even one classroom in which the quality of daily instruction is at risk. Educational Epiphany will provide intense, one-on-one, content-specific and pedagogical professional development for individual teachers struggling to effectively manage the demands of lesson planning, delivering quality-first instruction […]