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Transforming Student Achievement Through a District-Wide Approach to Common Instructional Knowledge, Language, and Tools

This dynamic keynote speech will expose participants to a finite set of high-yield, actionable, measurable, and replicable practices that have expeditiously transformed student achievement in urban, suburban, and rural schools/districts from coast to coast. Dr. Dickey delineates processes—balanced by theory and practicality—for aligning daily instruction with the nuanced expectations of the state standards and high-stakes summative assessments necessary to drive and sustain academic achievement in the core content areas.

Dr. Dickey during a professional development workshop showing a group of people


  • Understanding the value of performance-based objectives as an approach to improving literacy outcomes
  • Understanding curriculum-driven approaches for teaching and assessing general and domain-specific vocabulary as an approach to improving literacy outcomes
  • Understanding the gradual release of responsibility as an approach to transitioning students from dependence upon the teacher’s knowledge/ability to reliance on their own independent knowledge/ability
  • Understanding standards-informed writing from sources and the relationship between informational text structures as an approach to improving writing outcomes

Virtual keynote access is $3,500.