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The Epiphany Exchange Video Podcast

Join Donyall D. Dickey, Ed.D., and host Richard Bourque for their latest podcast series, The Epiphany Exchange. It’s a place where special guests and thought leaders come together to exchange ideas, experiences, and innovations in literacy, leadership, and school improvement.

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Educational Epiphany book: addressing the art and science of reading for early and continuing literacy

The Science of Reading

Educational Epiphany’s pre-K–12 instructional resources not only meet the requirements of the Science of Reading but also provide students, teachers, and parents unfettered access to resources that effectively integrate research-based practices that directly align to both the art and the science of teaching reading. Our resources ensure that students have access to teaching and learning opportunities characterized by all six levels of cognitive demand: remembering, understanding, application, analyzing, evaluating, and creating. 

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Videos and Keynotes

Our Educational Epiphany digital video library consists of over 25 high-impact videos of Dr. Dickey introducing and elaborating on each of Epiphany Instructional Practices 1 through 4 and much more. If you are looking to capture the knowledge and excitement of seeing Dr. Dickey’s keynote in person and share it with your entire staff, this library is for you!

Aligning Curriculum Instruction and Assessment (1)

Decoding is a Requisite of Reading

The Building Blocks of Literacy

The Power of Gradual Release of Responsibility – Part II

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