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Ensuring Gains Among English Language Learners

Language acquisition and skill development can take place simultaneously. For that reason, students who speak English as a second language can be taught “how to read” and “how to read to learn” in concurrently without sacrificing either. This workshop series, for teachers of all content areas, will equip teachers struggling to meet the complex needs […]

Meeting the Complex Needs of Students with IEPs

Although few will admit it publically, students with special needs are often educated in classrooms characterized by lowered expectations and diminished exposure to the curriculum through the pull-out/resource class model. Even in the inclusion model, students who need targeted support and explicit instruction are often recipients of diluted expectations. This workshop series will provide participants […]

Developing Action Plans for Teaching in the Tested Content Areas

Any given school year, schools inherit a population of students who are promoted to the next grade without having mastered foundational skills/concepts taught in previous grades. Consequently, these students enter the grade level at a disadvantage for acquiring mastery of new, grade-level skills/concepts and are at a greater risk for falling even further behind their […]

Promoting Common Instructional Language Across Content Areas

The bedrock of student achievement is the intentional and consistent use of common instructional language across grade levels and content areas. Unintentionally, students are being exposed to key concepts through divergent and often, erroneous instructional language which inadvertently perpetuates underperformance. This workshop will expose school leaders and teachers to the power resident in and the […]

Using Manipulatives to Teach Abstract Concepts in Mathematics

Algorithms are not the panacea to student success in mathematics. To the contrary, conceptual understanding, over procedural knowledge, is the linchpin of mathematical fluency. Students who are given the instructional opportunity to develop a firm grasp on concepts prior to engaging in problem solving are exponentially more likely to demonstrate mastery of the content in […]

Developing Worthwhile Mathematical Tasks

A myopic focus on teaching algorithms or a step-by-step, procedural fluency approach to solving mathematical problems is insufficient to transfer the most valuable approach to teaching mathematics to mastery: conceptual understanding. This workshop will build teacher and school leaders’ capacity to link concepts to be assessed to engaging, meaningful, real-world mathematical tasks.

Unraveling the Common Core Standards for English Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects

The Common Core Standards are the culmination of an extended effort to fulfill the charge issued by the states to develop and implement K-12 standards to ensure that all students are college and career ready no later than the end of high school. This workshop will assist site-based (principals, department leaders, and teachers) leaders in […]