Teachers are expected to accomplish a lot, in some cases, with limited resources, and in far too many cases, with scattered or misaligned resources. Educational Epiphany understands the importance of providing teachers with instructional materials aligned with the curricula and assessments.

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As school leaders in the era of high-stakes testing, accountability, and the widening achievement gap, we know the value of quality teacher materials, high-caliber professional development, teacher efficacy, and collaboration.

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The nation has, by and large, coalesced around a common and rigorous set of standards that, if implemented effectively, will place all students on a trajectory to graduate from high school, prepared for college, careers, and citizenship.

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Our Vision

The primary goal of Educational Epiphany is to support the nation’s schools/districts in establishing an exceptional culture of instruction through six guiding principles:

Expert Knowledge of the Curriculum

Teachers are expected to accomplish a lot, in some cases, with limited resources, and in far too many cases, with scattered and/or misaligned resources. Educational Epiphany understands the importance of providing teachers with instructional materials aligned to the standards and the curriculum. We have built a next generation instructional materials toolkit that gives teachers back the time they have been losing searching for materials to teach to the nuanced expectations of the standards.

Dynamic Instructional Leadership

Schools of the 21st century require that principals, assistant principals, and teacher leaders are connoisseurs of instruction. High performing schools/districts of the future must be led by informed, collaborative, and supportive instructional leadership teams who use their knowledge of content and pedagogy to challenge the status quo. Educational Epiphany will develop the capacity of school-based and central office leadership teams to lead through the challenges associated with promoting positive and enduring change.

Common Language and Instructional Tools

The most significant predictors of underperformance are not race, class, English proficiency or exceptionality, rather it is the absence of common instructional language and tools that inhibits the provision and facilitation of rigorous, standards-based instruction in classrooms throughout your school/district. Educational Epiphany will engage your teachers, school leaders, and central office support teams in professional development and workshops that will precipitously improve the quality of instruction in your school/district.

Purposeful Planning and Delivery of Daily Instruction

To promote high levels of achievement teachers must have a short term and long term map of the scope and sequence of instruction that begins with the end in mind, complete with an introduction of academic language, a teacher model, guided practice, cooperative practice (formative assessments), independent practice. Educational Epiphany will strategically develop your teachers’ability to plan and deliver coherent instruction designed to get students to mastery-level performance.

Universal Teacher Expectations

Unfortunately, teaching can be an isolating profession and that isolation can result in students being underexposed to instruction of the highest quality. In order to ensure that all students are exposed to rigorous, student-centered, performance-based instruction, teachers and school leaders must rally around a set of common practices. Educational Epiphany will assist your school/district with identifying and implementing a finite set of school-wide/district-wide instructional practices that will result in students’ ability to transfer knowledge and skills across disciplines and grade levels.

Systematic Assessment of Student Progress

Schools are data rich; that is, teachers and school leaders have access to multiple data points regarding student performance. High performing schools not only have access to data, but they use data to improve the quality and delivery of instruction for groups of students and individual struggling to demonstrate proficiency as well as for those who have the ability to perform well-beyond the standard. Schools that demonstrate record-breaking levels of performance take the use of data a step further, by involving students in progress monitoring of their own ability and performance. Educational Epiphany will help your team to effectively utilize data to drive decision-making.

Our children deserve a schooling experience characterized by unobstructed access to instruction of the highest quality.

The Integrated Approach to Student Achievement is a proven model for improving academic outcomes across grade bands and content areas. It’s not a program – It’s a way of conceptualizing, planning, delivering, and supporting instruction. The approach will promote seismic shifts in your instructional program and result in unparalleled and sustainable improvements in student achievement and educator effectiveness (e.g., teachers, teacher-leaders, school-based administrators, and central office personnel). We have made school and district improvement more difficult that it has to be, but that ends with this text. If you are ready to get your school or district humming with the evidence and attitude of accomplishment, look no further. The Integrated Approach to Student Achievement is loaded with practical, actionable, replicable, and measurable strategies to accelerate progress.

This high-impact approach to student achievement:

  • Fosters a dynamic and impactful culture of instruction characterized by high expectations for every student
  • Builds the capacity and confidence of teachers and instructional leaders
  • Aligns curriculum, instruction, and assessment with state standards
  • Ensures transfer of critical knowledge and skills across subject areas
  • Provides educators with access to common instructional knowledge, language, and tools essential for promoting student achievement
  • Opens access to standards-informed, high-quality instruction for all students
  • • Supports the refinement of the authenticity and impact of our leadership

Our Testimonials

It was incredible to listen and work with the Educational Epiphany facilitator today. What an honor! I left saying, "That was THE most useful/relevant PD I have had in my 10 years of teaching...and to be honest, probably the first FUN one as well." Thank you.


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