Grade 6 Science and Technical Subjects Next Generation Graphic Organizers – Digital Whole School License


Educational Epiphany’s Next Generation Graphic Organizers include our unique step-by-step process for demonstrating mastery of each State Standard and come complete with operational definitions of key terms

that students must understand in order to do what each standard requires.


[(Available in ELA K-12; Social Studies (K-HS), Science (K-HS), the Technical Subjects (6-12), and Mathematics (3-Geometry)].


Our K-12 Next Generation Graphic Organizers support teachers in:

  • Giving students access to teaching, learning, and assessment opportunities aligned to the true and nuanced expectations of the standards;
  • Chunking student thinking; and
  • Providing teachers the data they need to make real-time decisions about instructional next steps for individual students and groups of students.