Grades 9-12 Instructional Interpretation & Resource Guides – Science (Digital)


Educational Epiphany believes that science instruction should produce the next generation of U.S. scientists. Our instructional tools provide common knowledge, language, and tools for educators to do just that. With our unique Science resources, teachers will be able to:

1). Provide students with standards-aligned rigorous science instruction,

2). Demonstrate an understanding of the 5E model for planning and delivering science instruction (e.g., Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate), and

3). Integrate literacy development opportunities into science instruction.

Our K-12 Standards-Based Interpretation & Resource Guides for Science

are aligned with the pedagogical shifts required by the standards as they:

  • Promote a focus on mastery of scientific concepts through inquiry;
  • Align daily instruction with cross cutting concepts;
  • Align daily instruction with science and engineering practices;
  • Provide context-rich opportunities for students to apply their knowledge of scientific concepts; and
  • Structure learning for students to have frequent opportunities to conduct science activities.

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