Grades 9-12 Instructional Interpretation & Resource Guides – Social Studies Digital

Educational Epiphany understands that Social Studies is an important content area. To that end, we have developed customized resources designed to help teachers provide students with equitable access to standards informed Social Studies instruction.

Teachers will have the resources necessary to:

1). Expose students to a variety of carefully selected primary and secondary sources;

2). Plan and deliver instruction with attention to historical figures, historical events, and historical ideas; and

3). Integrate literacy development opportunities into social studies instruction.

Each of our Social Studies Resource Guides

are aligned with the pedagogical shifts required by the standards as they:

  • Promote a focus on critical thinking and the impact of history on the modern world;
  • Promote an understanding of the interrelatedness of historical figures, events, and ideas;
  • Provide teachers with operational definitions of key terms; and
  • Provide teachers with standards-informed graphic organizers for integrating literacy and writing into Social Studies instruction.

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