Instructional Interpretation & Resource Guides: Grade 9-12 ELA Print


Our instructional materials for English Language Arts provide direct access to targeted instruction aligned to the nuanced expectations of your state’s standards regardless of geography. Once and for all, teachers and school leaders will have everything they need to provide students with full access to the breath and depth of the expectations resident in the state standards for each standard.

*Print versions include 30 copies per classroom per grade, and all pricing is based on a per-student, per-teacher basis by grade. Each order is custom and pricing is based on a per-grade basis. 

Our K-12 Standards- Based Interpretation & Resource Guides for ELA

Are aligned with the pedagogical shifts required by the standards as they:

  • Promote the balance of informational texts across topics, perspectives, and era’s; and for literacy texts by crossing genres, themes, authors, and traditions;
  • Provide teachers with complex texts aligned with the quantitative, qualitative, and reader & task measure of text complexity;
  • Promote disciplinary literacy;
  • Require students to generate evidence-based responses;
  • Require students to write from sources; and
  • Build general and domain specific vocabulary.