Instructional Interpretation & Resource Guides: Grade K-5 Math Digital


Educational Epiphany’s Mathematics Resource Guides are designed to influence the quality and depth of daily instruction by providing teachers with student-centered tools for facilitating instruction inextricably aligned with state standards. These resources can help teachers to simultaneously promote procedural fluency and conceptual understanding of mathematical concepts and skills to be assessed. They leave nothing to chance.


Each of our Mathematics Resource Guides

Are aligned with the pedagogical shifts required by the standards as they:

  • Promote a focus on mastery of mathematical concepts;
  • Promote new learning as a coherent extension of skills that students have mastered;
  • Build procedural fluency on a finite number of foundational mathematics related skills;
  • Promote conceptual understanding rather than a focus on algorithms or mnemonics;
  • Provide context-rich opportunities for students to apply their knowledge of mathematical concepts; and
  • Structure learning for students to have opportunities to both do and understand math.

This resource includes practice problems that teachers will need to gradually release students to independent problem solving.