Grades PreK-3 Sight Word Kit: Print Classroom Set (30 Sets of 315 Sight Word Cards)


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Sight words are one of the cornerstones of reading fluency and comprehension. Our Sight Words Kit will give teachers the tools they need to bolster students’ instructional and independent reading levels,


Our K-9 Dolch and Fry Word Cards

Support teachers in providing students’ access to:

  • The 315 Dolch and 1,000 Fry sight words;
  • Easy-to-access color coded cards for point-of-use instruction & support; and
  • Convenient packaging.


Each K-3 Dolch Sight Word Kit Includes:

  • 315 double-sided Dolch sight words organized by grade level
  • Snapshot cards featuring a summary of all terms
  • Convenient packaging