Leadership Coaching

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Educational Epiphany offers a wide variety of high-impact

workshops for Boards, Superintendents, Chief-Level Officers, Assistant Superintendents, Directors, Principal Supervisors, Principals, Assistant Principals, Teachers, and Professional Associations. We also o er high-impact coaching for districts looking to develop or expand their plans for effectively engaging with Parents, Families, and Communities.


Our Leadership Coaching services provide your leadership team members access to:

  • Strategies for conceptualizing, formulating, implementing, and monitoring your strategic plan; and
  • Didactic support for your goals, plans, and cost-benefit analyses.

Linking the System of Accountability and Evaluation to the District’s Strategic Plan

Participants will learn about the process of linking student and organizational outcomes of every employee to the initiatives that comprise the district’s long-term strategic plan where appropriate, including evaluating organizational structures and systems designed to monitor progress, the establishment of realistic benchmarks, and milestones for each component of the plan.

Fiduciary Responsibility and Backward Mapping the Annual Budget to the Strategic Plan

Participants will explore the process of assessing the extent to which the budget (i.e., general fund, federal dollars, special revenue, capital programs, student nutrition, and debt services) is aligned to the district’s strategic initiatives.

Constructing a New and Improved Strategic Plan

Participants will engage in the multi-dimensional process of constructing a viable, student-centered strategic plan, including: (1) student outcome data analysis, (2) internal analysis, (3) stakeholder input, (4) mission & vision setting, (5) guiding principles,(6) strategic goals with correlate objectives, strategies, and action plans, (7) cost-benefit analyses, (8) community communication planning, (9) branding, (10) Board updates, and (11) continuous improvement.

Analysis of Current Strategic Plan

Participants will be led in an in-depth analysis of the district’s current strategic plan with attention to its structure and alignment to the Superintendent’s evaluation.

Distinguishing Governance and Daily Operations for the Benefit of Organizational Effectiveness

Participants will learn about the importance of addressing then blurred line between the What (Board Governance) and the How (Superintendent & Daily Operations) of district leadership.

Investigating Policy and Regulation Ramifications

Participants will investigate the tension of current district policies and regulations with the district’s current strategic plan, current needs of the organization, and projected needs.