Decoding and Creating Meaning Posters (Four 24″x36″ Posters)


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Educational Epiphany’s Posters will help all students: (1) understand the relationship between the 26 letters, 46 graphemes, and 144 phonemes; and (2) internalize the 30 most commonly used prefixes, root words, and suffixes that make up the vast majority of the unfamiliar words that students will encounter while they read.


Our K-12 Word Part Posters

Support teachers in providing students access to:

  • Essential decoding & creating meaning resources;
  • The 44 phonemes(sounds), 144 graphemes(ways to write those sounds) on 24” x  36” posters;
  • The 30 prefixes, root words, and suffixes on 24” x 36”; and
  • Engaging designs to inspire a collaborative learning environment.

Each Classroom Poster Pack Includes:

  • Four 24” x  36” sized color posters