Description: Our children are failing to demonstrate adequate yearly progress in schools and districts across the nation, unnecessarily. There is a model on the market that works wonders. The Integrated Approach to Student Achievement, a school improvement model conceptualized by Donyall Dickey has been proven to promote double-digit gains for tens-of-thousands of students. This series of workshops will aid school and district leaders in the process of (1) addressing expectations; (2) ensuring common instructional language across disciplines and grade levels; (3) formulating a plan for using relevant and timely data to drive decision-making; (4) involving the entire instructional and administrative staff in promoting student achievement by understanding the demands of high-stakes testing; (5) developing an action plan and short cycle assessments for the tested areas; (6) making progress monitoring manageable; (7) composing higher-order, performance-based objectives for daily instruction; and (8) planning explicit instruction infused with formative and summative assessments.

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6 Full-Day Workshops

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