All children deserve access to instruction of the highest quality, taught in an environment fully conducive to the process of teaching and learning. And yet, equitable access to such instruction remains unrealized for millions of pupils nationwide. Likewise, teachers hear a common refrain, “Be sure that your instruction is more rigorous.” But what does that […]

Conceptual understanding of academic language is arguably the most significant accelerator of student achievement. But why is there such a lack of attention to conceptual understanding of language in classrooms all across the country? Resolving this pervasive issue is a matter of exposing educators to the value of effective strategies for building conceptual understanding, and […]

As I prepare each morning to speak with superintendents, chief academic officers, and other district-level leaders through virtual and in-person presentations, there is an imperative that is always in the forefront of my mind. What is that imperative, you might ask? Illiteracy. Though we have limited time in each day, we must all remain focused […]