Workshops For Administrators

August 1, 2012

Strategic Planning and the Transition to Higher Standards

Strategic planning is the bedrock of every common-interest community. Without strategic planning, the community will never know where it is going—much less know if it got there. Moreover, strategic planning is a disciplined effort orchestrated to produce fundamental thought and action. This workshop will engage participants in the process of: identifying the wellness of the district/state; […]
August 1, 2012

Building High Functioning Professional Learning Communities

The efforts of educators can have a significant impact on student achievement. In fact, educators who: (1) focus on learning, rather than teaching; (2) recognize the dynamic power of collaboration; and (3) judge their effectiveness based on results will become the teachers and leaders that our schools deserve. This workshop will equip teachers and teams of […]
August 1, 2012

Developing Data and Accountability Management Systems

Data analysis has become the cornerstone of effective educational leadership; however, districts have yet to build a culture that purposefully connects data analysis and authentic accountability. The consequence of bona fide data analysis that extends beyond a superficial examination of student performance measures should impose vertical articulation and an evolving cycle of studying, planning, and action. […]