One of the greatest issues facing public education is the abdication of instructional leadership. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is all too common in our school systems. It is a silent, but deleterious factor of underperformance with a complex, compound impact on low performing student groups, schools, and districts. It is not my goal indict my colleagues […]

Nobel Peace Prize recipient and civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., said it well, the true goal of education is intelligence plus character. I agree with his 72-year-old assertion. Today, I present adding a third element to the formula—interpersonal aptitude. Interpersonal aptitude, defined as one’s ability to engage with others in a symbiotic […]

In my travels across the nation supporting schools and districts, it has become apparent that teaching and learning has become “over-programatized.” There is a “program” for practically everything. Programs, programs, and more programs. Unfortunately and to the detriment of student outcomes, these “programs” do not always allow teachers to teach. These “programs” do not always […]