July 17, 2012

Ensuring Gains Among Students with Limited English Proficiency

Description: Language acquisition and skill development can take place simultaneously. For that reason, students who speak English as a second language can be taught “how to read” and “how to read to learn” in concurrently without sacrificing either. This workshop series, for teachers of all content areas, will equip teachers struggling to meet the complex needs […]
July 17, 2012

Using Manipulatives to Teach Mathematics

Description: Algorithms are not the panacea to student success in mathematics. To the contrary, conceptual understanding, over procedural knowledge, is the linchpin of mathematical fluency. Students who are given the instructional opportunity to develop a firm grasp on concepts prior to engaging in problem solving are exponentially more likely to demonstrate mastery of the content in […]
July 17, 2012

Assistant Principals: More than Managers

Description: In many schools across nation, assistant principals are inundated with responsibilities related to the role of disciplinarians or task manager. Consequently, these hard-working administrators are excluded from the table of instructional leadership unable, by the function of their role, to have a direct impact on promoting student achievement. Designed for site-based school leaders (principals, assistant […]